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Tired of the usual restaurant? The Castelli Romani offer you the best Roman cuisine!

If you are looking for a restaurant near the Castelli Romani, the Taverna dello Spuntino is the perfect place.
It is a cosy family-run restaurant on the Colli Romani where you can taste traditional and unique dishes in a genuine and elegant setting and enjoy happy moments that you will not easily forget.

Would you like to know what makes this place so unique? It is the long-standing tradition of hospitality that has been handed on from father to son combined with a true passion for good food.

In the magnificent setting of the Castelli Romani, among the sweet slopes of this marvellous land, the Taverna dello Spuntino is the best place where to organise a romantic evening with a special person, a business lunch, a birthday celebration, a dinner with friends in an original and particular location.

The menu includes typically local recipes, real delicatessen that the entire world envy us: from bucatini all’amatriciana and rigatoni alla pajata to spaghetti cacio e pepe and saltimbocca alla romana, only to mention some.

In every single dish you can recognize the care and experience of skilled chefs who are able to combine tradition and quality to prepare unforgettable meals.

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In the essential lines of this ancient building, originally a wine cellar, you can read the history of a past that is still alive thanks to the efforts of the Fortini family that from the ’60 has been running this lovely restaurant near Rome with great passion, choosing only the best ingredients and creating superlative menus and recipes for people who love to eat well.

But the Taverna dello Spuntino is not only about great food.

The wine list is unparalleled to provide guests with a large variety of choices for every occasion and taste. A high-quality level that is not easy to find in any other restaurant Colli Romani.

To conclude, it is a balanced combination of factors that makes the Taverna dello Spuntino such an appreciated destination in the Roman countryside, a territory that produces some of the best wines in the world: Frascati, Marino, Colli Albani and Colli Lanuvi.
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