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Acknowledgments - Taverna dello Spuntino

For 9 years La Taverna dello Spuntino has won the Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor for restaurants that have maintained a high average annual rating.

La Taverna dello Spuntino is among the restaurants selected by the Michelin Guide.

La Taverna was chosen as one of the Hotels and Restaurants
of Italy listed in the Guidebook of the Touring Club Italiano.

Below are other Guidebooks for which the Taverna dello Spuntino Restaurant was selected: :

Italian Restaurant Espresso Guide

Best Restaurant Case&Country Guide

Veronelli wines 2013 Guide

Roma nel Piatto 2013 Guide

Alice La Gola in Tasca Guide

Taverna dello Spuntino Restaurant :
Quality and hospitality since 1960 / Ambience and cuisine from the old times
Unique wine selection

The Family is always there to make you a pleasant stay, giving our guests precious moments of Serenity.

Welcome among friends !